r h y m e s | w i t h | r e a s o n

r h y m e s | w i t h | r e a s o n

In my search for/practice of
ampersands & distant lands
blazing suns & dirty puns
histories & similies
rational drama & the Oxford comma
...these are the original stories that follow.

i completely agree with Amanda, you really are inspiring. i'm tryna be like you when i grow up

Oh stopp. I’m blushing here and never really know what to say. But I follow your blog and you are killing life with your experiences and goals!

I am so inspired by you. You are amazing.

It’s always the biggest complement and still slightly confusing to know that someone as inspiring as you draws any inspiration from me. But still a huge encouragement. Thank you!

I’m in love.

And it really is the beginning and end of everything.

"The Rock" in Gibraltar. #therock #gibraltar #nofilter

That devastating moment when there’s someone you really want and you very clearly become cognizant of the fact that you simply don’t get to have this person.

And every movement from then forward is a motion toward letting them go.

It’s official! Starting January 5, I’ll be interning with UNAIDS, the collaboration of the UN and the WHO against AIDS. I’m really excited for the opportunity to come back to Geneva and help in the division of Scenarios for the Future of AIDS.
Sure, it’s June. #chamonix #latergram #montblanc #france #mountains #snow #nofilter
#MontBlanc at 12600 feet, I’d say I’m on top of the world. #Chamonix #France #nofilter  (at Aiguille du Midi)


I’m not sure where this originated, but someone told me you’re not supposed to get with bartenders, it’s just in the rules. And apparently they’re supposed to know that too and won’t get with customers.

Well, me and my roommate learned the hard way. Apparently the bartenders at Halle didn’t get the memo. I’m not banned from the bar yet, but I fully see why this isn’t a good place to hang out anymore. Especially since everyone who works here is related. Whelp, you live and you learn.

I love the way Nice says, “Good morning, please don’t go.” #nice #sunrise #nofilter #cotedazur #frenchriviera #dontmakemeleave